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Simple Music Player: Dementia Music Therapy

Studies show that music can have a strong positive effect on those with dementia. This easy-to-use, retro music player is sure to put a smile on the user's face and transport them to another era. Setting up the player can easily be done by family or caregivers. Once set up, the player is highly intuitive and does not require any prior knowledge or memory to start and stop the player. The styling is also reminiscent of old radios and is instantly recognizable as something which plays music.

The music player comes preloaded with up to 40 songs featuring all the big band hits! But can also store additional songs and audio books. For more information watch the videos below!

To operate, there are only three controls:

  • Start playing music - just lift the lid
  • Skip this song - (optional) press the big button
  • Stop the music - close the lid
  • The music will always continue from where it was last stopped

Still have questions? Click here to read the FAQ. 

Click here for instructions on how to use the music players and click here for more information on uploading music.

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